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31 December 2022

Predicted Ending of Berserk

by Rylan Schaeffer

Warning: Chapter 371 spoilers below.

/u/sbrockLee ‘s comment in the 371 Megathread made me start thinking more about how the series will end:

All the despair is clearly a set up for Guts to face the choice of using “his” Behelit. They’re really hammering home the fact that he’s deeply distraught over this, on an existential level - everything he did on his revenge trip, all the pain and sleepless nights he endured, was hoping to get a shot at Griffith and now he realizes he never will. And this level of despair, linked to an impossible ambition, is a prerequisite for using a Behelit, as is having someone beloved to sacrifice - which could be Caska herself, or even the other party members (it’s been established that Guts feels affection towards all of them, unlike his solitary Black Swordsman days).

The authors are indeed hammering home the despair and helplessness of Guts. I agree with the argument that the Behelit qualifies as Chekov’s gun and so must be used, but I think that previous discussions of who will use the Behelit (Guts? Puck? Serpico? Someone else?) or what the sacrifice will be (Casca? Guts’s new comrades? Something else?) have missed the mark. My prediction is:

Guts will sacrifice himself to manifest the Beast of Darkness on the corporeal plane to be able to fight the Hawk of Light.


Possible Rebuttals:

How do I think the series will end? The Beast of Darkness will rampage through Falconia, killing everyone (humans and apostles alike), before turning on the world. Lacking any way to stop the Beast, Guts’ crew will team up with the Hawk to kill the Beast, but will be unsuccessful, and in a last act of desperation, the Hawk will sacrifice himself to (somehow?) transform the Beast back to Guts, thereby partially redeeming Griffiths.

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