Puzzle Hunts

While chatting with John Owens, I asked if he has time for hobbies between research, teaching, mentoring and supporting his family. His response - puzzle hunts. If you want to know more, read these:

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For those interested, someone maintains a calendar of these puzzle hunts.

Wikipedia also has an article.

Laila Rizvi, me, John Owens, Gabby Chwalik, Corina Putinar and Irene Ho after completing Palantir's Ad Astra 2015 puzzlehunt at Stanford (team name: Per Aspera, in honor of Apollo 1)! We finished with 372 points (19 out of 45 Non-Stanford participants and 22 out of 64 total participants). I'd be proud of our performance, if it weren't for the fact that John almost singlehandedly carried our team (note, he's wearing his Udacity jacket. If you want to know more about his experience teaching an online course, read his article here). Still, lots of fun!