"The End of Crypto"

Jonathan Zittrain has a lighthearted, humorous talk from CRYPTO 2012 titled "The End of Crypto," which is worth watching. As he makes clear in the last few minutes of the talk, "end" does not refer to the conclusion, termination or culmination of the field of cryptography, but rather, the teleological purpose of the field.

The reason why I stumbled across this video is because Professor Rogaway was invited by the IACR to give the Asiacrypt 2015 Distinguished Lecture. The video is online, but I highly recommend reading the paper instead. Titled "The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work," the paper argues that cryptography has an inherent moral component by virtue of determining who can (or cannot) perform certain actions; he urges his community to take a stand against mass surveillance. The paper is an easy read, despite being fifty pages or so.

Apparently, not only did Bruce Schneier recommend the article, but The Atlantic published in interview with Rogaway. I don't think the interview represents Rogaway at his best, but it's certainly a shorter version of his position than the complete paper.

Rogaway has also given multiple other talks on why he thinks his community (the cryptographic community) has failed to act; the slides for one such talk are available here.