Herding Cats

I met with the Computer Science Undergraduate Affairs (CSUGA) committee yesterday regarding conditional approval of student-led courses in the Computer Science department. I was struck by how much a meeting between faculty is like herding cats. The five professors (Rogaway, Filkov, Farrens, Matloff, Koehl) on the committee are all very intelligent, but also very independent, and each wanted to share their own thoughts even if unrelated to what was said previously. To be fair, the meeting was extremely rushed and I did a very poor job establishing what information was known and what consensus had already been reached. Nevertheless, I was much amused.

On the bright side, it seems like the faculty were generally supportive of student led courses, contingent on what courses students are interested in teaching. Nevertheless, that's a great start for me.

Competitive Programming

Jason Pang and I started our competitive programming sessions, where we situate ourselves in interview-like environments and practice CS/coding problems. It's a lot of fun and I think I'll look opening it up to others in the CS club.