McClelland at Stanford's Computational Neuroscience Journal Club

One of the privileges and pleasures that living in Silicon Valley affords is the opportunity to attend fascinating talks by giants in academia and industry alike. I'm cognizant of the fact that there are some who may wish to attend, but are unable to do so, and so I decided to share my notes digitally and freely.

Disclaimer: the following notes capture the talk as I perceived it and do not necessarily accurately capture the speaker's point as intended.


Professor James McClelland is a professor of psychology at Stanford University, perhaps best known for his co-authorship of Parallel Distributed Processing, a book which sparked a resurgence in connectionism and neural-network based modeling. The ambiguously attributed third author, the "PDP Research Group," included luminaries such as Geoffrey Hinton, Francis Crick, Michael Jordan and many more.

Hosting Organization

Stanford's Computational Neuroscience Journal Club (CNJC) is a cross-departmental, biweekly meeting group that discusses recent papers in and related to computational neuroscience. The club is organized by Saurabh Vyas and Alex Williams.



Late 1950s


Late 1970s

Early 1980s

Are Rules a Thing of the Past?

Mid 1980s


Cognitive Neuropsychology

Late 90s

New Directions


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